Our Company

Our company was born on 1990 with a big passion for fashion and focused in offering clothes for the most demanding clients under the brand RACHID Swimwear. Our challenge has been to keep us in constant innovation to please a changing market that always looks for be IN through modern and vanguard designs.
We started producing swimwear, but with the pass of time and with the objective of offering more and better services to our clients, we have added other products under our brand. That is why today we also offer imported clothes for any occasion in our boutique and an exclusive and innovative product for skin care: RACHID Sunblock.
In this more than 26 years of work, we have stand out for producing based on the latest trends, but adding our own style to them to get unique, different, flashy and high quality products.
Today RACHID products are sold in wholesale or retail prices and thanks to that they reach different parts of our country and every time more people can enjoy the comfort, quality and effectiveness of them.